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Not giving up

So again I'm sorry to be writing another one of these posts. This last month was brutal. I think much harder then when my baby was a newborn. I don't know hey people keep telling me it will get easier because I've found the opposite to be true so far. Anyway on top of the horrible weather and demanding baby, I caught the flu last week. Still behind on my actual paid work so it may be awhile before I can work on witches quarry. I'll keep letting you guys know, as much as I hate writing these posts. I feel so overwhelmed with trying to do everything on little sleep and no relaxation that I'm tempted to throw my hands up and give up. But I have too many plans for this story I refuse to give up. I just have to keep pushing it back. Unfortunately I know I'm already doing everything I can :( and its still not enough. It's the worst feeling :(

posted by Wulfmune @ February 4th, 2014, 8:55 am  -  0 Comments

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