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taking a poll for WQ character short

Taking a Poll for Witch's Quarry Character short.

To copy + paste from my DA journal (http://wulfmune.deviantart.com) cuz I'm lazy.

So I'm pretty much finished the first major installment of Witch's Quarry chapters 1-6 and 177 pages. whee.
The second book script needs a lot of work, and I have a few short character prequel stories fleshed out that I'd like to do while I work on refining book 2.

Since I try not to be biased with my characters, I'm curious to see if you have any preference to which character's story is explored a bit. These are all prequel tales, and are neither necessary to the current story, neither do they spoil things in the current plot. They just would grant a bit of insight. Please vote!!

Or you can vote here in a comment if you don't use DA.

choices are

1. Sworn to Light: The tale of how little Veolynn decided to become a knight.

2. The Psi Alchemist: A glimpse into Lady Deia's life as a "turned" selkoi.

3. Rogue X Knight: How Wesyng and Deshad first met and why Wesyng agreed to take Deshad's place.

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