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updates will be increased to Tues-Fri!

Mangamagazine.net has recently changed it's policy in regards to subscriptions on premium comics. Subscribers will have exclusive access to content, 60 days in advance. Non-subscribers will still have access to ALL content, just 2 months behind.

Details can be found on their website- http://www.mangamagazine.net/faq#section1

What does this mean for Witch's Quarry?

Non-subscribers will now have totally free content at the around the rate of 4 pages a week! Subscribers will be about 1 chapter ahead, and have the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the continuation of the series. How much money we earn will be based solely on number of paid subscribers who view our comics monthly.

For those of you who prefer to view Witch's Quarry on smackjeeves, starting next week I will be updating here at the same rate as non-subscribers at MM.net. Updates will be Tues-Friday, 3:00 AM EST.

Thanks so much and I hope you will enjoy~

posted by Wulfmune @ May 9th, 2013, 7:32 am  -  0 Comments

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