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Updates in Nov will be Tues+Thurs (sometimes Wed)

Happy Halloween guys!
It's the end of another month and I have some news for Update changes in November.
I have loved working on WQ constantly but I knew the day would eventually come that I would need to drastically scale back on how many hours I spend weekly on this comic. It simply isn't fesible for me to to put 60-70+ hours a week into a hobby. I need to focus more on contracted projects and supporting myself and my loved ones.
I was planning to cut back to one page a week but the thought of 4 pages a month was just too painful for me. I still feel very passionately about WQ and am excited about the book 2 script. So I'm going to try my very best to arrange my schedule to accommodate 2 pages a week. I hope you all trust my dedication to this story and project. I still have big plans for the development of the characters and world, so it's very disappointing to me, but I must be realistic in what time I can afford to give it. I would also like to still make a print form of the comic available, (if not for just a few copies for myself XD)
If you'd like to support WQ, I will be post an extra page every $50 donation. I don't really expect that anyone will donate though, so expect a page a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00am EST. I don't consider Covers, Spreads and Intermission content to be full pages, so I will upload ocassionally on Wednesdays as well. I hope to update the first 3 chapters with color and line work editing for print eventually, so those pages maybe updated on Extras days as well. I will keep you guys updated.
I hope you will continue to follow WQ ;_; ! it will forever be my baby~!

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