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Free Comics Day May 5th Winners Drawn!

Winners prizes are being sent out today! Thanks for participating! Congrats to the winners! more information available on my tumblr.
I redrew names today for unclaimed Prizes. I'll keep doing every morning until they get claimed and then I'll make another announcement. After they are all claimed, I'll let you guys know who won, and when I'm mailing out their requests, as well as show their requested drawings. Thanks again for participating!

I used a random generator to select winners of my Free Comics Day Contest.

I tried to contact the winners best I could but I'm shouting it out here! Please reply with your full correct mailing address and doodle request by 12am est May 6th or I'll assume you forfeit and I will draw another winner. Please provide me some kind of reference for the doodle if it is not one of my characters. You will be mailed the drawing as well! You can also email me your reply at wulfmune@gmail.com

If this goes well, I will do more contests soon. I have more stuffs I can give away ^_^!


In honor of free comics day I wanted to thank some of my watchers for supporting my comics. How's a poor sap like me going to do that T__T? It's not much but I will be randomly selecting some of my watchers to receive signed copies of Renascence 1-3 as well as a random doodle of a character of their choice.

I'll be selecting 3 winners total, 1 from my tumblr watchers, 1 from anyone who responds to my deviantart journal entry about it, and 1 from my smackjeeves watchers of Witch's Quarry. If you happen to be signed up on all 3, then you just tripled your chances :). Here's to a good comics day 2012!

Also I will be drawing the names on May 5th and contacting the winners. Please have your Pms/contact enabled. I will be asking for your doodle request, and a mailing address. If I don't get a response by May 6th, I will be drawing another winner. I will send out the prizes by Saturday May 12th, at the very latest and possibly earlier, depending on how long it takes me to hear back from the winners.

I am willing to mail outside of the U.S.A as well. If you win, please make sure your mailing address is correct, as I will not be insuring it, or using any confirmation.

my tumblr is at http://wulfmune.tumblr.com
and the deviantart journal post is at http://wulfmune.deviantart.com/journal/Free-Comic-May-5th-Give-Away-Post-here-to-enter-298158908

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