Sir Veolynn Moreshire
Champion Knight of Chrisbury
age 28 human/selkoi

Veolynn is an efficient, capable knight, who is polite but distant to those around her. She allows her childhood friend Laness and her brother Deshad to call her Vee. She is very proper and tends to be judgemental of others.

Sir Veolen the White
Veolynn's male alter ego
age 28 human/selkoi

After becoming "turned" into a male version of herself by Selken psi alchemy, Veolynn's hair turned white. She adopts a male version of her name while looking for a means to return to normal.

Sir Deshad Bright
Knight of Kimeron
age 17 human/selkoi

Deshad is Veolynn's younger brother. He is a gallant young knight with a romantic heart. He does not bow to authority but follows his own sense of justice. He tried to avoid an arranged marriage to Lady Deia by having Wesyng Reedle impersonate him.

Wesyng Reedle
Rogue of Sorts
age 20 human

Wesyng is a man who just happens to have an uncanny physical resemblance to Deshad. He is carefree and shameless flirt, who never hesitates to speak his mind. He becomes an assistant to Sir Veolen.

Lady Deia Leviacoth
Selkoi Savior
age 19/57 selkoi/human

Lady Deia is part of a race of mythical creatures called the selkoi. Passionate about her role as a savior, she is pragmatic and cunning. She is on a mission to produce offspring with a man of mixed blood from the house of Brightmane.

King Heward Brightmane
Sovereign ruler of the North
age 54 human/selkoi

His majesty Heward, is the biological father of Veolynn and Deshad. Frigid and authoritative, he is an intolerant person. He does not acknowledge either Veolynn or Deshad, as they are children from a mixed selkoi/human mistress.

Ferah Leviacoth
Elder Selkoi Witch
age 26/79 selkoi/human

Ferah is Lady Deia's older sister, who serves as a protector and adviser. She is also of the race of selkoi and has a strange, humanoid goat appearance. She speaks on behalf of her sisters occasionally. She is a very powerful psi user and will readily use her gift to help Deia in any way.

Triss Leviacoth
Apprentice Selkoi Witch
age 12/35 selkoi/human

Triss is Lady Deia's little sister, who adores her. She is still learning to master the psi arts and tags along more as an observer then an active participant. The most beastly looking of the three sisters, she does not speak to humans.

War Mount
age 3/18 tapirad

Hellkite is Sir Veolynn's ornery war mount. He hates other males of any species. Green Selken happy pills calm his disposition but they taste awful.

??? "Zappy"
Aspiring Mom
age ?? Drakkun

A small female drakkun who's egg was destroyed by Sir Veolynn. She lost her right eye to Ferah. She's having a bad day. The readers have nicknamed her "Zappy".

Sir Jethry Fioness
Champion Knight? of Hounswel
age ??? selkoi?human?

An eccentric knight with unusual powers.

Sir Jules Winter
Knight of Hounswel
age 21 human

A second rank knight who speaks loudly and has a mean shovel hook.

Celeen Augwen
Chef of Kimeron
age 23 human

A bilingual chef from castle Kimeron. She knows quite a bit about southern customs for someone who specializes in mincemeat pies.

Sir Farwin Felstaf
Knight of Hounswel
age 22 human

An easy going knight who gets his job done without complaints.

Sir Griere Medhernn
Knight of Hounswel
age 27 human

A knight with an attitude problem. And poor sense of humor and sarcasm.

Sir Lehgren Hallus
Knight of Hounswel
age 35 human

Yet another second rank knight who takes good care of his facial hair.