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About Witch's Quarry

This is the tale of Sir Veolynn Moreshire's greatest and strangest achievement. Fate would have her/him led by the whims of a powerful witch. This is what really happened in the Second Great War for Oladuan; when heroes and villains were neither righteous or evil. There were other hidden creatures that placed high stakes in the outcome of the human's conflict. And there were a great many funny things that just didn't go as planned. Rated PG-13

About Rogue X Knight

While I am refining chapters 7+, I will continue to update daily with a short story. Readers voted to learn more about Wesyng Reedle. This is a prequel tale that takes place before the beginning of Witch's Quarry. The story explains how Wesyng met Deshad and decided to take his place in chapter 1 of the main story arc. Age Recommended is 16+

About Wulfmune

My name is Jen Lee Quick. I have been drawing comics for over 10 years. I have a BFA in traditional animation. Feel free to email any questions to

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